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Scott Chappelle Michigan Developer Discusses How COVID-19 Has Changed Construction Practices

As the pandemic drags on in the United States, many industries have had to find a way to pivot and adapt to continue services. The construction industry has made sweeping changes in the face of COVID-19 that experts predict will last long into the future. “There has been a shift in paradigm industry-wide,” says Scott Chappelle, Michigan developer. “Companies and contractors are doing things differently than they have in the past. Construction is an old industry, and in some cases, that means we’re doing things differently for the first time in decades.”

Some of these changes are temporary and indirect deference to coronavirus health considerations – such as social distancing and wearing masks on site – but some of these changes are likely here to stay, predicts Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development President.

Job Sites Will Be Safer and Cleaner Says Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development President

Scott Chappelle East Lansing (7)The virus pushed health and safety into the limelight across many industries in America. Scott Chappelle Michigan developer, says contractors and development companies like his own responded by implementing new job site policies like temperature checks, mask and glove requirements, staggered shifts, and full disinfection of tools, machinery, and job sites.

Chappelle says that while mask and glove requirements will likely recede along with the fade of the pandemic, cleaner, less crowded job sites are here to stay. Especially in the first few months and years after the pandemic, you want to make sure your employees feel comfortable returning to work, says the Strathmore Real Estate Group leader. Health and safety measures are how we keep from experiencing a resurgence or spread of a new virus.

Projects Will Take a Little Longer Predicts Scott Chappelle Michigan Developer

All of these safety and health regulations are completely necessary to protect workers and the public at large. Still, they also come with a cost, says Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development leader. And that cost is time. Suiting up with PPE, checking in while socially distancing, staggered work shifts – they all add up to a longer project timeline.

While this may be worrying to many business owners, Scott Chappelle, Michigan community leader, says that as long as expectations are correctly set, and timelines are adjusted appropriately, those outside of the industry likely won’t notice much difference in how long it takes for a project to be completed.

Scott Chappelle, Michigan resident, is also the president of the Strathmore Real Estate Group. Strathmore Development has been serving the Midwestern and Southeast United States for over 25 years. They specialize in real estate development, debt acquisition, management, sales, and leasing. They are known for their cutting edge designs and flawless execution. Their senior management comprises a team of professionals with over thirty years of experience in their respective real estate careers.

Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development President is a licensed attorney, a certified public accountant, and a real estate broker with over two and a half decades of experience in the field.

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