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Scott Chappelle East Lansing

Scott Chappelle of East Lansing Discusses the Grand Opening of Riverview’s Rosemary Grill Restaurant

Scott Chappelle of East Lansing discusses the anticipated Grand Opening of Riverview’s Rosemary Grill Restaurant.

New restaurants bring new life to communities, and everyone in East Lansing is excited to welcome the Rosemary Grill. The new restaurant can be found in the Riverview 14 center on New East Bay Road at the exit of I-75 and Gibsonton Drive. Scott Chappelle of East Lansing, of the Strathmore Real Estate Group, expects that this restaurant will bring new life to the area.

“We’re excited to see new restaurants opening in the Riverview 14 center, especially the Rosemary Grill,” Scott Chappelle says. “New flavors and members of the community can only make this area more special.”

Scott Chappelle of East Lansing says the Rosemary Grill will offer a diverse range of cuisine, from gyros and sub sandwiches to delicious salads, butterfly shrimp, and rice bowls. Scott Chappelle explains the Rosemary Grill leans toward Greek cuisine, which is something the area lacks. He thinks citizens will be appreciative if the fresh, healthy options available on the menu. Of course, burgers and chicken wings are available for those wanting to indulge too.

“The restaurant hasn’t been open long, and it’s already receiving rave reviews,” Scott Chappelle of East Lansing says. “People are especially appreciative of the friendly staff.”

Scott Chappelle of East Lansing stated that the restaurant is also available for lunch or dinner parties. They can cater everything from graduation parties to business meetings with almost every item on their menu. Simply log onto the catering menu and choose the items you want to serve. The Rosemary Grill will have them ready when you need them.

Diners like local residents appreciate that food from the Rosemary Grill can be ordered online for delivery or take-out, making things a bit easier during the trying times of the coronavirus pandemic. Scott Chappelle of East Lansing adds that the delivery is always on-time and fresh. He and everyone at the Strathmore Real Estate Group state that they are happy to welcome this new business and delicious food to the community.

“We’re so pleased to welcome this new restaurant to the Riverview 14, and we hope they achieve great success,” Scott Chappelle says. “We look forward to welcoming even more new faces and businesses to the Riverview 14 in the future.”

The Riverview 14 is a Strathmore Real Estate Group development, and the entire team is excited to see businesses thriving in this shopping and dining center.

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