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Scott Chappelle Supports Animal Welfare With Continued Donations to Little Traverse Bay Humane Society

Business success is something that Scott Chappelle takes very seriously. As a chief investment officer in East Lansing-based real estate firms, he has worked hard to achieve a balance between work and community service. However, anyone who has worked with Scott Chappelle East Lansing knows that he is a very giving person as well – and his recent donation to the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society proves that.

Why Scott Chappelle East Lansing Helps Animals

Over the years, Scott Chappelle has donated substantial sums to various animal causes, notably the Human Society. He was recently applauded for his $1,000 donation to the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society, a firm that Scott Chappelle East Lansing has found provides the best service for animals in that area and has done much to help the community.

These types of companies are critical not just for animal health Scott Chappelle argues but for that of a community. Keeping track of animals, managing their population, and pairing up loving pets with needful families is a significant way of enhancing the feel of a community, Scott Chappelle East Lansing believes. Pets are just as much a part of his family as anybody else and are for many other people.

Beyond this need, Scott Chappelle also knows that groups like the Humane Society do not have funding outside donations from people like him. Many don’t get any help from the state or federal government, which would be an issue without donation help. And the $1,000 Scott Chappelle East Lansing donated can go along way in such a facility and provide extra care for pets who need it.

Services These Sites Offer, As Discussed By Scott Chappelle

Over the years, Scott Chappelle East Lansing has visited many Humane Society groups, including Little Traverse Bay Humane Society. And he has gotten many services for his beloved pets here. They provide the type of care that a pet needs to be happy and healthy, and at prices that are easier to afford for those who do not have a lot of money, Scott Chappelle states.

For example, Scott Chappelle East Lansing has gotten pets spayed and neutered here. He has also gotten pets groomed and vaccinated by people who genuinely love pets. Scott Chappelle also supports programs by the Humane Society – such as the “Pit Stop Program,” the “Ruff-to-Read Scholarship” program, and the “Spay-it-Fourward” program – all of which help needy animals.

Most importantly, Scott Chappelle supports these groups because he knows that millions of pets are abandoned every year and left to fight for themselves. This abandonment is very damaging to the pet and the community, as feral pets can spread disease and attack people and animals. But Scott Chappelle East Lansing knows that the Human Society can help in this fight by finding homes or euthanizing animals that unfortunately cannot be helped.

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